Issue #1


The Interviews:


Sanctifica - Black Metal from Sweden

Getsemani - Melodic Black/Doom from Italy

Death Poems - Atmospheric Black Metal from Brazil

Kekal - Extreme Black/Death from Indonesia

Necromanicide - Extreme Metal from Malaysia

Devout - Doom/Death from New Zealand

Sacrificium - Death Metal from Germany

Hearken - Death/Grind from the USA

Embodyment - Death Metal from the USA

Rapture - Death Metal from Sweden


The Reviews:


Sanctifica - In The Bleak Midwinter

Sacrificium - Mortal Fear

Sculpture - Spiritual Matrix

Internal Healing - Darkside of Truth

Extol - Burial

Deuteronomium - Street Corner Queen

Antestor - The Return of The Black Death

Embodiment 12:14 - Elements of this Manmade Man

Skymetal - Sentenša

Pantokrator - Even unto The Ends of The Earth