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Melodic Black/Doom from Italy


In the Land of Pizza, where satanic Black metal rules over the metal scene, comes the only Christian metal band called Getsemani. They've released one demo which is excellent ! It's why we decided to interview Roby Sora (screams, violins & synths).


TBS- Tell us how Getsemani got started. Roby- Getsemani started by my idea, I thought to record some of my songs and with the help of Selene & Manu, I began the project.

What bands have influenced your sound ? Believer (they changed my point of view in metal) & Bach.

Were you all christians before you started the band ? Yeah, sure.

Let's talk about your "Dreaming to fly" demo. Well, we started to record it in Sptember '97. In a pratical way, we didn't spend a lot of time to record our demo, although it was the first time for us to do it, but it needed quite six months to be ready, because we were too busy. Lyrics talk about the discovery of God through the nature and His creations. Our musically target is to alternate soft/doom parts with classical music influences with heavy parts.

Have you got good answers for it ? Yes, quite good.

Do you project to release an album in the near future ? Now, we are recording a new demo. I think that maybe it's too soon for an album.

What do you do when you don't play with the band ? Any jobs ? Well, I'm working about nine hours per day and I have another band. Manu and Selene act in a Theatre Company and study.

Are there other italian christian metal bands except yours ? I don't think, there's no christian scene here in Italy; unfortunately if you say Heavy Metal, you say satan.

What are your favourite bands ? Believer, Dark Tranquility (they aren't Christian but they're great !), I become crazy for some Deuteronomium songs and I love the Immortal Souls demo.

What is Nadir ? I saw you in a pic of this band. Nadir is another band where I play, it isn't christian, but it's a good melodic Death metal band in the swedish style.

Any final comments ? Yes, if you are playing in a christian band, contact me, I need your demos or CD's for my distro.