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Death Metal


Formed from Vital Decision, they decided to change their name to Rapture. They recorded a demo under the name Vital Decision.


TBS- Tell us how Vital Decision got started. Johan- In 1996 Simon RosÚn ( singer in crimson Moonlight) started a death metal band called Vital decision... In the begining we didn't take the band so serious but after a while we changed the drummer and that was the beginning.

What bands have influenced you sound ? Ohhh thats is a lot of bands... In begining it was bands like My Dying Bride, antestor, Schaliach, Groms...
But nowdays it is bands like Entombed, Pantera, Machine Head...

Were you all christians before you started the band ? Yes.

Let's talk about your "Vital Decision" demo. Have you got good answers for it ? Yes we have got a lot of great reviews.

Do you project to release an album in the near future ? Yes, maybe... Right now some big changes are going on. We have changed our name to Rapture (move.to/rapture) And the Daniel (old bassplayer) is now playing guitar. Right now we are writing some new material wich we hope to record maybe in December or januay. We haven't decide yet if it will be on cd or demo.

What do you do when you don't play with the band ? Any jobs ? All in the band got a work. I work at the post, Daniel works at the post
& David is an electrician.

What are your favourite bands ? That is to many... I just name a few. Pantera, Extol, P.O.D, Entombed, Red hot chili peppers, Brutal Truth, Soulfly, The Hellacopters, Sanctifica, Meshuggah, Fear Factory and so on.

Why the name Vital Decision ? It was simons idea...We all must make a vital decision... Jesus or satan...When he quit it was our vital decision to change the name... hahaha...

How do you describe your style ? Death'n roll or something... We also have a lot of hardcore influences.

Any final comments ? God loves you!!!!!!!! He is Cool because he likes metal!!!!!