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They're from the US, they play brutal Death Metal with Grindcore vocals & They've recorde one demotape called "Arise", which contains 2 songs of Death/Grind fury. Now, let's have a talk with B.J. Southard (guitars, vocals).


TBS- Tell us how Hearken got started. B.J.- Heraken got started when I went to the Phillips Chemical plant explosion in '89. Their were 23 people who died from that explosion. It was like an Atomic bomb blast. But God spared my life & through the death of many friends, and even the destruction of my previous marriage, God birthed our Ministry. I started going to a church, where I met our drummer, later. He played on the praise team, then after church, one day, we decided to get together and jam. The band made its national debut at the Michigan Mosh Fest in '96. We have a new bass player, Schaun, who came into the band in '97. Our current line-up has been together about a year, as we had our one year anniversary at the Texas Rockfest '98.

What bands have influenced your sound ? This is a tough question, as we have listened to many bands, from Living Sacrifice to Mortification, and lots of others. I really think I'm influenced more through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit!

Were you all christians before you started the band ? We're all christians, coming into this band. Schaun used to be in a secular band, that was about to get signed, but left that band, and later received Jesus as his Lord an Savior. We have been really blessed by his talents on the bass.

Let's talk about your "Arise" demo. Have you got good answers for it ? Talking about the "Arise" demo, it was a project we wanted to do, just to let people have an idea about what we sound like. However it was done at a low budget studio, so the quality and mix aren't professional. When the songs were finished, we wouldn't release them, because of the quality. So the studio owner allowed us to go back for a remix. It helped a little bit, but his sound board was maxed out, so I could only do so much with the guitar's mix, which made it a little muddy. But hey, it's a demo! The reason for the cover art, is to show a prophecy of the near future.

Do you project to release an album in the near future ? We were to start our full length album in August '98, however our drummer thinks he has fallen in love, and has asked for some time off. We're looking for a drummer for the album and touring, possibly permanent. So unless he comes back soon, our album will be postponed until his replacement. We just pray for God's will.

What means hearken and did you chose it ? While seeking the Lord for a name for our band. The Holy Spirit lead me to Isaiah 34:1 (KJV). The word "Hearken" means "to listen and pay attention to what is being said". I love Bible prophecy and, in this scripture, God is warning the earth, the nations and people in it, to listen to what he's saying is about to happen. That's why we have this name, to say: "Wake up people of earth, and Hearken unto the voice of The Lord! Be a doer of the word of God and not a hearer only". If we don't listen and obey God's word, we are headed for destruction.

What do you do when you don't play with the band ? Any jobs ? This is not just a band, it's also a Ministry. We have prayed with kids and not only see them get saved, but also delivered from withcraft, and seen people get healed at our concerts. So I do the Ministry full time, as well as having been on some local Christian TV Programs and sometimes go out to minister with my Pastor. Basically I'm like an Evangelist. Schaun works at a Mastering & Duplicating studio, when we're not on the road. Jeff's in between jobs.

How do you describe your style ? To describe our style of music is to say: The demo is the demo, but I will not come close to the album. The album will be much heavier, with a professional recording this time. It'll be more technical, faster, more changes and tons of aggression. To sum it up Brutal Agressive Death Metal, how's that!

What are your favourite bands ? It's hard to say what our fave' bands are, we like heavy music, but do listen to some different styles. So I would say mainly Metal bands.

Any final comments ? We appreciate your interest, and support, and pray that God would use the Christian Death Metal scene, to reach out those trapped and deceived by the lies of satan. God bless and Jesus rules!