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Death Metal


From Texas comes a good Death Metal band called Embodyment. They have recorded 4 demos and one CD. We are talking to Kris(vocals).


TBS- Tell us how Embodyment got started. Kris- We got started about 5 years ago. Andrew, Kevin and me started the band. We had a few line-up changes. The current line-up has been this way for about a year.

We saw your CD in the Tooth & Nail Website, which is a label of exclusive Punk & Hardcore products. Did you change your music style ? We have developed our sound to what we wanted to do. I think maybe we have done something not done before. Hopefully. It's not punk or Hardcore.

Were you all christians before you started the band ? Yes.

What means Embodyment ? Well, it means a completeness, a whole, consumed.

Have you recorded other demos before your selftitled ? We have 3 demos released before it.

When do you project to do an album ? The album is done. The release date is in July.

What bands have influenced your sound ? Earlier on bands like Suffocation, Sepultura... you know. I think maybe a lot of '80's music developed our sound. Duran Duran, Peter Gabriel you name it. That's what we like really listen to. Those bands were so good. You can't hear it in any of our music at all, though.

What are your favourite bands ? Right now, I'm listening to Far, Deftones, Coalesce, the new Natalie Merchant, Dave matthews, Foo Fighters, Snapcase, the new Esocharis. That's what I have listen to this week.

What do you do when you don't play with the band ? Any jobs ? Try to hang out with each other. Yes, work or just lounge around.

Any final statements ? Thanks for the interview.