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Doom/Death Metal


We're in a little country called New Zealand. It's the country of Devout. They've recorde one demotape called "Martyrdom". There is one other band there... I know it about 1 week ago now. Let's have a talk with Kim Carter (lead guitars/back vocals).


TBS- Tell us how Devout got started. Kim- I've always been into metal. I played in a band called Harbinger about 12 years ago and the left because I felt I was going nowhere. God had told me, with many confirmations to do so, Devouts purpose is obviously to make the best metal we can and to share our views about our faith in God.

What bands have influenced your sound ? I'm not sure. We don't want to be stereo typed.

Were you all christians before you started the band ? Yes, we were christians before Devout formed. I prefer to have people who love God in Devout as there needs to be unity for a band to really get.

Let's talk about your "Martyrdom" demo. Have you got good answers for it ? It depends on what the questions are.

Do you project to release an album in the near future ? Yes, a full length CD is anticipated.

What do you do when you don't play with the band ? Any jobs ?  Yes, I'm a carpenter and so far all this year, I've been working out of town and only get to come home at the weekends. So, I have no time to write or play music at the moment until thi job is finished. I do a bit of surfing when there is spare time, which there is not much of. I also like to spend as much time with my family as possible.

Are there other chrisitan bands in your country ? Yes, there are, but none are metal that I know of.

What are your favourite bands ? I have too many to list. Some are Paradise Lost, Amorphis, Anathema, Sepultura, Living Sacrifice, Sacred Warrior, Saviour Machine, Seventh Angel, Pink Floyd and the old U2.

Who decided on the name Devout and why ? Well, God told me to usethe name because it describes our faith in Him.

Any closing comments ? If any one has any questions about us, you can can e-mail us and you can also view Devout web site which has lots of info and sound samples, also includes ordering info for Devout debut E.P. which has gathered heaps of good reviews, some of which are on the website. So check it out.