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From a musulman Country, Malaysia, comes the only Christian metal band, Necromanicide. They've recorded a 5 songs demotape called "Necromancy" and then, an album called "Hate Regime". So, we're talking with Jeret (drums).


TBS- Tell us how Necromanicide got started. Jeret- Well, Necromaicide was formed in '93, but only recorded their 1st demo in '95 and it was called "Necromancy". Andre (guitars) and Adrian (vocals) were the founders of the band. Later, they got Nicholas (lead guitars), Stefan (bass) and I (drums) to complete the band. After recording our 5 songs demo, Necromanicide was signed up wonder a Japanese label called "Pony Canion Music". Necromanicide 1st album to release was a compilation album which was called "The Underground Scene". There were 2 other Singapour Metal Bands featured in this comp., Stompin Ground and Oppositin Party both were seculars bands. After the comp., the band had a short break due to the guitarist and bassist, because both of them had to continue their studies overseas. In December '96, Necromanicide came back together to record their debut album, "Hate Regime" and it wasn't released till early '98.

What are your fave' bands ? Our favourite bands are like Mortification, Stryper, Believer, Deliverance, Tourniquet, Galactic Cowboys and so forth. Most of our influences of music styles are from Mortification and Galactic Cowboys.

Let's talk about your "Hate Regime" debut album. Have you got good answers for it ? Well, we were really happy with the album, because we put in our hard work in it and it was like or biggest achievement. Hate Regime is an album, which was mainly targeted to unbelievers than christians. Our goal is to let people know what christianity is all about in a proper way not to slam it to them, but to share and reach the losts. Our lyrics basically talk about society, life, social issues and also solutions to problems. Some of the songs, like "Descent into Hades" and "The Last Journey" are point to point direct messages about who God is.

Were you all christians before you started the band ? Yes! We were all christians when we started the band. In fact, 3 of the members attenpt the same church and the 2 others attempt a different church.

Do you project to release another album in the near future ? If God will it, yes! We have already some new materials for a 2nd album and we are prepared to go into the studio get it done, but we would still write to wait on God to help us and to guide our every move. So, we will know what His planneings are and not us.

Why do you have many styles in your 1st album (Hardcore, Thrash, Indus., Noise, Black) ? Necromanicide is actually a very versatile band. In other words, we're an experimental band. We like to blend all type of music. We want to cater to a different type of listeners out there and hope they would enjoy the album. We've put a lot of efforts in it, because of the different music styles, we have to get the correct soud and the right ressources. So, when you listen to the album, it will sound like a compilation and thus the listeners will not be bored with it.

Are there other Christian metal bands except yours in Malaysia ? Sad to say, there are not at the moment, but we hope later in the future ther will be more white metal bands to rise up.

What means Necromanicide and why this name ? Necromanicide means "Death to Necromancy". In other words, put away witchcraft and occultic practices. This is what the band stands for. We got this name from one of our favourite bands, Mortification, in their 3rd album "Scrolls of The Megilloth". One of the songs was "Necromanicide" and it speaks about the dsnger of witchcraft. We like the name and more over it comes from Mortification who happened to be our role model and we look up them a lot.

Any final statements ? Well, I think Necromanicide's great to be in the metal scene, but nevertheless it is all rubbish, if weren't fundamentally performing like chrisitans should be. For example, we can sing all sorts of Godly stuff in our lyrics, or speak spiritual stuff at the concerts, but if we're a slacker in our daily christian walk then something is dead wrong. I believe a lot of bands out there have fallen to this trap that the band members become more "christian" only behind the album cover or at concert scenes. Anyway, I'm not saying that we've overcome this, but we realised and we strife to live up to what I just said here.