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Death Metal


From the Land of the Bier comes a brutal Death Metal band called Sacrificium. They've recorded a demotape and a demo-CD. They're the heavier band I've listned to for the moment. Now, let's have a talk with them.


TBS- Tell us how Sacrificium got started. Sacrificium- Sacrificium started out of the members of Corpus Christi. Through their musically changes, it was time to change also the name of the band. It fit also much better to the vision they had (and still have) for the band as a ministry.

What bands have influenced your sound ? Through the different taste of music from each of us, the influences are musically very wide. Our sound can be described as: Cannibal Corpse and My Dying Bride are having a cup of coffee together with Black Sabbath, while talking about Mortification. (Sounds cool)

What are your favourite bands ? Mario: Paramecium; Roman: Straovarius, Death, Solitude & Aeturnus; Claudio: Lorena McKennit, Brutal Truth & Deicide; Oliver: Sentenced, Nevermore & Slayer.

Were you all christians before you started the band ? Yes.

There's a big change from your demotape to your demo-CD, can you explain it ? The music changed as the members changed. Oliver is the only one who's left from the original line-up. We also still have to find our style, but we think we're close to find it with the next CD.

Let's talk about your 2 demos. Have you got good answers for it ? The 1st on is horrible for us and for everyone who's listened to it. We didn't send this demotape to magazines for review, because it sounds so bad. The 2nd is doing really good. We didn't expected such good reaction and reviews on it. For ourselves, the CD isn't that good. We even don't play any of those songs live. But it's selling good without any promotion from labels or distributions. Just through reviews from magazines and fanzines.

Do you project to record an album in the near future ? We would love to record one by the end of the year, but we have to find someone who wants to pay for the studio and the CD's. So we are currently looking for a record company. We got enough songs finished to put an hour of music on the CD.

What do you do when you don't play with the band ? Any jobs ? We have to work besides the band (to have a band is very expensive). Roman and Claudio are trainees on Computer Application Developement and on Industrial Electronics, Mario is still a student, & Oliver is currently workin as Web-Designer for a company.

What means your band's name for you ? Mostly, it means that: "If Jesus didn't shared his blood on Golgotha as a sacrifice, God would be unreachable for us". But through this, we can come to our father and be in His present and are able to have relationship with Him. And we though "Sacrificium" sounds really cool too.

Any closing statements ? We are very thankfull for the feedback we get on our demo-CD. And also for every support we get as Sacrificium. If we would the band just for our own pleasure, then we would be proud of ourselves, but as Sacrificium is work we do for God, so we're very proud of God. And every christian should be proud of God, for that what he has done in your life. If you think He's done nothing, the ask Him to show you all the things he did for you. Support the underground !!!