Issue #2


The Interviews:


Goredeath - Black/Doom/Gothic from the USA

Screams of Abel - Black Metal from the USA

Ministros del Santuario - Death Metal from Panamà

Antestor - Black Metal from Norway

Noiz - Grindcore from Germany

Discern - Death Metal from the USA

Anaemia - Doom/Thrash from Sweden

Extol - Black/Death from Norway

Abjathar - Death/Black from Belgium

Sons of Thunder - Praise Metal from Sweden


The Reviews:


Bealiah - Weeping at The Crimson Moon

Underoath - Act of Depression

Vaakevandring - Demo 98/99

Inversion - Tarsus Burning

Antidemon - Demonoćdio

Deuteronomium - Here to Stay

Mortification - Hammer of God

Noiz - Seeds of The Living

Lament - Through the Reflection

Getsemani - Under The Light