Death Metal


The First Christian Metal band in Panamā, South America. They've recorded an album called "Submerged by Fire" & a EP-CD called "Antibiotical Inquisition". Now, let's have a talk with the ex-drummer of the band, Phil Diez.


TBS- We have to begin by the beginning, so, tell us how M.D.S. got started. Phil- Through the ideas and work by Pablo Moran, Ministros del Santuario began in 1996. God began to show to Pablo what he indended to do in his life, and gave to Pablo the musicians available for this band. At first, however, the first line-up didn't work for Ministros. Academic and musical reasons hindered the project. God decided that it was the time to place a good bassist and a drummer who would be christians, and supportive of the band. In all, there have been 10 guys who played in the band. Current line-up: Pablo Moran - guitars, Elias Perez - bass, Sena - vocals, Sibole - vocals & Igor - drums. Previous members: Phil Diez - drums (1997-99), Hein - guitars (1998), Edwin Zapata - guitars (1997-98), José - drums (1996-97), Obed - bass (1996-97). The band's mission is to target the secular world by playing in bars, night clubs & wordly events, & by showing to the public our Christian message. I, Phil, who am responding to this interview, am no longer in the band, I recently left for college.

When we saw you were from Panamā, we were very excited to know you. Are you the only Christian Metal band in your country ? We're the first Christian Metal band in our country, but others might just sprout out. There are other Christian Metal bands here I think, but not brutal.

We know that M.D.S. is a Death Metal band. What bands have influenced your sound ? Since I wrote the most of the bands' music & lyrics, I can say that we're inspired by: Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse, Mortician, Early, Amorphis & Obituary. It doesn't matter if they are all secular, our music is Christian & greater what's in me than what's in the world.

Where you all christians before you started the band ? The members recruited for the band are Christians by testimonies, but the band has made us grow as Christians. I became Christian through this band. More members become christians through playing with the band, it's God's plan.

Let's talk about your "Antibiotical Inquisition" EP-CD. What bands have influenced you for it ? This is our second record actually. We've recorded a full-length album before it. The bands that have influenced us for the EP are: Suffocation, Malevolent Creation, Obituary & Internal Bleeding.

Are you planning to release another full-length album in the near future ? Well, ever since I left the band as been a slow transition for the new drummer, and the music style has changed. We're always as brutal as before, but just a little bit melodic. I'd say that Ministros will record their second full-length album in 2000.

What are your favourite bands ? Mine are Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation, Extol, Disencumbrance, Kekal, Crimson Thorn, Crimson Moonligth & Internal Bleeding.

Ministros del Santuario is a very cool name, but I'd like to know why you have chosed it. What's the signification of it ? The Lord gave us this name in 1997 with the verbs "Hebrews 8:2" where we got our name. The name literally means "Ministers of the Sanctuary". It implies that we are ministers of our Sanctuary. which is the band, our bodies & our lives. To look at God in everything we do. In our concerts we have seen what The Holy Spirit can do in satanics, witches & and atheists, & how God can change the people.

What do you do when you don't play with the band ? Any jobs ? We do little jobs here & there to raise money, but our parents kinda supported us, 'cause most of us are students. Igor, the new drummer, is the only who works.

To close this interview, have you something to say more ? CHRISTIAN METAL IS POWER, CHRIST IS POWER, STAY BRUTAL & UNITED TO FIGHT SATAN.