Screams of Abel

Black Metal


There is a special Black metal band. We know that they have released One album. Now, let's have a talk with Ryan Briles (guitar, vocals).


TBS- Tell us how S.O.A. got started. Ryan- Well, I had written some songs, and I wanted to play them. So, we got together and put them together. We started about two and a half years ago. At first we just played in a basement, then we played a few shows, and recorded a cd. Since then we have changed drummers, and currently we don't have a full time drummer.

What bands have influenced your sound ? There have been several bands that have been quite influential, but I would say that the bands that influenced me the most would be: Saviour Machine, Antestor, Screams of Chaos, and Extol.

Were you all christians before you started the band ? Yes, we were all Christians when we started the band.

What do you do when you don't play with the band ? Any jobs ? I work at McDonalds, and Derek(bass player) is the matinence man at a church, and he is currently looking for a job. We also have some side-project bands such as the Cretins(Ramones stlye punk rock), and Broken. We both listen to quite a bit of music.

Why the name Screams of Abel ? Well, I was just sitting around and it came to me. I was trying to think of a name, something I thought woud convey our sound, and it just came to me.

How do you describe your style ? We are black metal with goth and doom influences. We aren't always fast, but we aren't always slow.

What are your favourite bands ? Its kind of hard for us to pick favorite bands becuase we listen to so much music, so here is a list: Ryan: Saviour Machine, Antestor, Ramones, Starflyer 59, Screams of Chaos, Mental Destruction, Radiohead, ZAO, Huntingtons, MxPx, Bob Dylan, Extol. Derek: Saviour Machine, Antestor, Ramones, Starflyer, Radiohead, ZAO, Huntingtons, MxPx, Bob Dylan, Joy Electric & T.F.U. I listen to quite a bit of goth, black metal, punk, indie rock-emo, and hardcore.

Let's talk about your first CD. Have you got good answers for it ? We recorded a ep, to which I hold a great antipathy, so we don't sell it anymore.

Do you project to release another album in the near future ? Yes, we are writing songs, and I would say that we should have a new cd around the beginning of the year. We haven't setteled on a title yet.

Any final statements ? Well, thanks alot for the interview.