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Melodic Black/Grind


Gordeath is an American Christian Metal band playing Brutal Black/Grind. They have recorded one Demo-CD and are preparing to record a full length album for December 1999. So, let's have a talk with Corey (guitars, vocals) to see what he has to say.


TBS- Tell us how Goredeath got started. Corey- That's a long long long story... It has "evolved" for lack of better words over the course of about 5 years dating back to 1994...

I know that you have a solo project called "Betroth". Why have you decided to do it ? The solo project started back in 1997 before "Goredeath" was an official band... When the lineup of Goredeath was more thrashy gothic, I wanted to do something on the lines Horde... Plus I play guitar, bass and keyboards, so I thought it would be a good thing for me to do alone.

What bands have influenced your sound in Goredeath ? Mostly secular bands such as Napalm Death, Death, Defleshed, Fear Factory.. However for christian bands: Mortification (Scrolls), Paramaecium (Exhumed), Horde, and even Sanctum, and some Saviour Machine.

Let's talk about your demo-CD. What do you think about the answers you got, do you think that they was all good ? Not much good feedback came from the Demo... that led to me pulling the plug on it.. It was not a good recording, and thats what hurt us the most.. I think maybe 2 people gave us feedback on it that was positive that is.. When the DEAD zine got there hands on it they reviewed it and ripped us apart...

Goredeath is a killer name ! Where have you found a cool name like it ? We were looking for a name that would bring mass appeal to the ''secular grindheads'', One day while walking through the store It just hit me (must have been from God)... and before we officially named the band... I just started calling the band Goredeath (because we could not think of anything better)... and the rest of the band slowly accepted it.. thats how it happened.

What do you all do when you're not playing ? Any work ? Well right now the band is just me and Adam so here it goes: I work at Ford Motor Company, I am a Computer Programmer and Web Administrator.. I graduated from a tech college with a degree in Client/Server Programming. Adam - Is in college full time, going for a degree in Buisness. He plans to own his own buisness in who know what someday... He also works part time in a hardware store.

I've listened to one of your songs. So, for me, you're a Grindcore band. How do you personnaly describe your music ? Well from what you have heard we have changed a bit... we are more of a mix between grindcore and black metal and some goth elements now... so I describe us as being Melodic Black/Grind...... if you can picture it :)

I saw in your www-homepage that your project is to record your album for december of this year, but now, you're only 2 guys in the band. So, do you always record it in december ? Plans are still going for December... however it may end up being January, with the slow duplicators and all :)

You formed Goredeath for one special reason, what is it ? To reach out and minister to those lost in the darkness of the evil music that exists today in this world... how else could the word of the Lord be brought fourth into the ears of so many seemingly lost souls. To God be all the glory!

Any final comments ? Thanks for the interview!