Black Metal


An excellent Grindcore band with a strange name, but attention, the name has another signification. Now we're talking to Elling Golz & Thomas Schulz.


TBS- Tell us how Noiz got started. Elling- Noiz started in 1991, and for the first time we only covered songs from Stryper, One bad pig and something else... after a while, we started to write our own songs. Today, we're still playing old songs like Crown of Thorns. Noiz was found by Stefan, Tom & me. We tried to play with another guitarist and a vocalist, but it's still the same members than from the beginning. In 1996 we broke up for a while, 'cause Stefan had to work somewhere far from our town. For this time, Tom played with Children of Silence & I played with Seventh Avenue. In december 1997, Noiz started again with the same line-up... no, not "started again", "went on" is the better word.

I've listened to some of your new songs & I'd like to know what bands influenced you for them ? Stefan's faves are: Mortification, Crimson Thorn, Metanoia, Extol, Antestor, Deuteronomium, Death List & others. Tom- My faves are: Grave Digger, Impelliteri, Whitecross, all good old Hardrock bands, but also Death, Thrash from Christians. Elling- My faves are: Children of Bodom, all christian Death Metal bands, some things from Cannibal Corpse, S.O.D., Megadeth, Metallica, some kind of Power Metal, it must be hard & fast!!! some Slayer etc... our songs are a mixture of all of our faves... some really hard & fast parts (Elling), some dark & deep parts (Stefan), & some melodic & slow parts (Tom).

Let's talk about your "Crown of Thorns" demo, have you got the answers you hoped for it ? Tom- Crown of Thorns was recorded mainly for promotion. We recorded it in a few days with our computer, it was more an adventure than a professional recording session, but we had a lot of fun!!! It was also more for the german speaking population than for the rest of the world, as you can read in the inlay card. We never thought that people all around the world would recognize us through this tape, so we were very surprised... It was also a lo-fi production with a very low budget. We have payed no money for it.

Can you explain something about your new songs ? What do they talk about ? "Stronger" speaks about the spiritual fights nearly every christian is involved in, as you can read in the lyrics (coming soon!!!), it contains orders for the evil spirits to go away. "Save" speaks about the ecological, social & problems that are happening in the world today. As christians, we go through the city & see people who collect money for the poor whales & the poor martens or the poor rainforest, or things like that. And besides in our own rich country human beings die from hunger, freeze to death, die from taking drugs or are killed because their mother doesn't want them to be born... "Final Day", as the song says, speaks about the judgement day (read Revelation 21). A few songs are just taken directly from the Bible, others come from our minds... Elling- The most lyrics are written by Tom & Stefan.

Noiz is a strange name for a Grindcore band. Does it have a special signification ? Yep, we've taken this name because we don't want that people see at first: huh, it's a christian band! So we decided our name not to be recognized as a christian band, but for the second look you should be able to see that we are christians... Turn the name upside down -> Zion!!! Besides, noiz is what we make.

Are you planning to release an album or something this year ? Yes, we've recorded a 47 min. 10 tracks CD with our best songs, we spent 2 weeks in a studio and more than a half year for the post production, and it will come out this year, perhaps in the 1st week of november '99. We are still searching for a label, which will pay the production of the CD, everything else has been payed by us... By the way, the CD is called "Seeds of The Living". The CD includes the songs from our homepage.

Were you all christians before you started the band ? Yes!!! We made this band mainly to reach the people who'll never go to any church... later, we saw that also christians like the music, so our band "Mission" (or meaning) is a mixture of playing good hard music for people who like it, christians and non-christians,  & spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Are you planning to do a concert with Sacrificium & Demoniciduth next year ? Yeah, why not??? Sacrificium are our best friends and so we are playing the most concerts with them, and if you want, we can make a little tour. We are playing on the most concerts, which are offerd to us, we don't want to earn money with the music, but it should be +/- 0 for us, because cannot afford much.

What works do you do ? I'm working at the VW factory, I'm building some cars like "Golf" & "Bora"... very boring, but a lot of money!!! Tom- I'm studying psychology. Stefan is studying to become a teacher. Also we're involved in our churches (youth work... and so on).

And finally, any final statements ? Elling- Yep, keep on moshing for Jesus!!! I think we must bring back the glorious times of Metal and we should also don't give up the fight against the evil forces!!! Don't stop to proclame God's majesty to the world!!! GRINDCORE RULZ!!! And don't forget to clean your teeth!!! Many thanx to Jesus Christ, without Him, we would not be what we are!!! Thanx for the interview.